A Virus Sent By Time to Give us Time

Just slow down for a while. Breathe

Sometimes, we need to stop and breathe.

Sometimes, we need to just stop and look at where we are.

Sometimes, we need to just relax and let the world pass by!

We keep running all our lives. Trying to acquire, earn and fulfill our needs and the needs of our loved ones. Amidst all this running, we forget to spend time with people who matter to us, we forget to listen to those who are desperate to talk to us. Now, a virus has suddenly caused us to press our brakes hard. The mad rush has been stopped.

Don’t you think we should just use this opportunity to focus on our relationships with people and ourselves. Somewhere, we too need to listen to our heart which has grown silent over the years.

Like everything else, this too shall pass. As humans, we have learnt to triumph over all the odds. The action will start again. Till then-

  • Take a stock of your life and priorities
  • Gaze at the stars
  • Stand and stare at the world around you,
  • Talk to your people
  • Read some interesting books
  • Get down to doing all those things that you had wanted to do but could never take out time.
  • Slow down and breathe!

( This post does not mean to discount the discomfort and agony experienced by the citizens of the world. We are just saying that perhaps it is the time to slow down and take care of yourself and people you love.)

#CoronaVirus #Corona


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