The fear of Corona is more dangerous than Corona itself!

Experts believe more than Corona, it is the fear of Corona that is making people sick and killing them. Shailaza Singh reports.

Most of us have not seen this kind of an epidemic/pandemic in our lifetimes. With Whatsapp, Google, television bombarding us with information about CoVid 19 all the time, we are more fearful of everything now than ever before. And this is not good if we need to combat a global epidemic.

Says Abhimanyu Singh Rathore, a nutritional medicine expert, ‘At this time, it is very important to strengthen our immunityAnd the first thing that actually sabotages our immunity is fear. The only thing that can eliminate fear is a scientific understanding of the virus. Do you fear diseases like common cold or influenza ? You don’t! The point to understand is that this virus is here to stay. It may come back in November too but by then most of us will have developed antibodies. The thing to understand is that every day there is a virus which jumps from animals to humans. However, in most cases the virus impacts that one particular human and does not spread. However, with Corona the spread is from animal to human and then from human to human. According to experts, this virus will become more or less like common cold in the next one year.’

So, what does one do till then? People are so fearful and tend to believe everything that they see or hear, particularly negative news

Abhimanyu is of the opinion that fear decreases immunity. ‘He says, ‘There are two modes in which any body may exist. Rest, digest and heal or fight, flight and freeze. In fight, flight and freeze, your blood thickens. Most of the blood is sent to the extremities like legs and hands so that you have the strength to fight or run. The blood thickens so that if you get a cut or a wound, bleeding is not that fast. That is why in wars soldiers are able to hold out and fight despite the wounds because the blood thickens and the bleeding is slow. So, fear induces the fight, flight and freeze mode which does not allow healing in the body because there is no reduction in the inflammation in the body. Right now there is so much information about Corona that our minds are tired and saturated. We don’t know what to believe and what not to believe. People have made Corona the big monster that it is not. I agree we should practice social distancing and stop its spread but fear will only decrease the immunity of the masses.’

Doctor Ashok Kumar Singh, a retired major general of the Indian Army agrees. He says, ‘when you are scared or fearful, the levels of adrenaline and cortisol hormone shoot up which decrease your immunity. The way human body deals with stress has not changed since the early man’s time. Even today, when we are stressed, our body thinks that we are facing a big lion. So, in that situation fighting a lion is more important than dealing with viruses and bacteria. So, healing doesn’t really happen and infections increase.

So what does one do in these times? Abhimanyu says, ‘Increase your immunity. That is your only defense against any virus. Firstly, get a good night’s sleep; at least seven to eight hours. Secondly, please don’t start your day with news or WhatsApp or the newspaper. Rather, when you wake up, sit in your bed and do at least ten minutes of alpha meditation which will scientifically reduce or lower your frequency of your brainwaves and calms you down. This will allow you to operate from what we call the higher order brain function.  When you stay calm and happy, the levels of serotonin hormone (happy chemical) will increase and help your body to not only digest, assimilate and absorb food but also fight infections and inflammations. Finally, surround yourself with happy things. Watch happy movies, listen to uplifting songs and stay in a happy state of mind.’ 


1. Don’t start your day with WhatsApp or news. Meditate at least three times a day. Do alpha meditation.

2. Eat more plant-based food. Don’t eat junk. Reduce fat in your diet. Completely eliminate white sugar from your diet.

3. Stay happy and calm. Count your blessings. Be grateful for all the good things you have. 

4. Keep a worry journal. Write down all your worries throughout the day in that journal and then don’t read them.

5. Practice deep breathing. This will increase the levels of oxygen in your body and promote healing.

6. Use this time to do the things you enjoy.

7. Remain connected with people virtually. Talk to them or message them every day. 

8. Take the precautions but don’t get overwhelmed by them!

9. Sleep at least 7-8 hours in the night.

10. Remember like every thing ‘this too shall pass.’

11. Pray everyday. Prayer has a powerful effect on the human mind!

We humans have accomplished so much because we have a very POWERFUL BRAIN. We have defeated diseases, overcome physical disabilities and  thrived and created histories. All of us come from the same gene pool.  If our ancestors could, so can we. So, believe that you will be healthy and it will become a reality!

Prayer is the most powerful medium in the world


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