Practical Magic

Tips to create magical results in real life!

Too muddled in the head? Do you want to clear up a particular situation? Sweep the floor, clear the dust and visualize your head getting cleared up.
Do you want to increase your immunity or the immunity of your loved ones? Cook food for them and with everything you add in the dish, visualize adding a lot of power and love to the food.

Want your friends and neighbors to stay healthy and well during this time? Whenever you put the rubbish in the bin, visualize putting in all the diseases with the rubbish into that bin and then see it burning in your mind’s eye.

If you see that its raining, visualize the rain healing every one and washing off the pandemic from every one’s life.
Whenever you offer some one water, visualize the person drinking in health, strength and happiness.

Remember life is nothing but magic. If we wish well on to others, it will create good karma in our lives. So, in these twenty one days, instead of mindlessly watching movies, create this good karma for yourself and your loved ones. Not only will you end up defeating the epidemic but also making the earth a better place!


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