An Open Letter to Citizens of Earth From Doctor Time

An open letter from Doctor Time

Dear citizens of the world,

You used to complain that you never could find time for anything. You said that with excessive job pressures, targets, deadlines, you never could spend time with your loved ones or do the thing that you really wanted. You could not find time to exercise or to cook the kind of food you wanted to eat. Your responsibilities did not allow you to read the books you really wanted to read. You were constantly listening to every one so you never could listen to your self. Some of you even said that you never got a chance to be anything else except an employee of a company. Your hobbies, passions were all put on hold because of your job.

Well, now that I (time) am here, you can catch up with those friends that you have never talked to in years. Now you can read the books you wanted to read. Now you can cook the kind of food you like and enhance your immunity and that of your loved ones. Now you can truly listen to yourself. Watch those movies, look at the quiet world and breathe. Give your self and your loved ones quality time. Rest, breathe and take it easy.

You are human beings, one of the most resilient creations of the universe. You will get over this. This virus will go away. Everything will be back to normal in a few days. Don’t waste this time worrying about why you cannot go out or why you cannot work. Don’t worry about your business or enterprise. The entire world is together in this and this too shall pass!

When this gets over, many of you will regret not using this time to know your loved ones or to pursue your hobbies or to do the things that you have always wanted to do. You will again join the rat race and start running again.

The name of the virus is ‘Corona’ which means Just Do It in Hindi. So, just let go of all the worries and let this be the time when you catch up and say a nice big HELLO to life!

Let there be light, love, healing and peace.

Yours truly,

Doctor Time


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