Right here, right now! The curious case of instant gratification

There was a time when I could wait for months for someone’s letter. I could patiently read a book from cover to cover and not give in to the temptation of flipping to the last page to know how the story ended. Life was mostly about waiting; waiting for replies, waiting for phonecalls, waiting for results. Most of the times, this waiting was accompanied by an uncertainity, But in those days, living with uncertainity was a norm.

Today, I am slightly a different person. I like to know what happens in a movie even before the movie’s intermission. I have almost lost the patience to read a book from cover to cover. I send an email or a message and expect the answer almost immediately. Thanks to whatsapp, I come to know the moment the person has read the message and the countdown for his reply starts in my head. If the person does not reply within seconds, then I call the person up to ask them my question. If they don’t pick up or cut my call, then I get even more anxious. The people I know have developed some what similar mannerisms. The ability to expect instant gratification.

When I look at COVID 19, I wonder about what’s going to happen. How will this problem end?

Perhaps, we were so certain about everything, that we got stumped the moment we found we cannot be certain about anything when it comes to Corona. How long will the vaccine take? How will this phase end? When will things become normal again. The only answer I get from the world and the universe is to wait. Wait for the events to unfold, wait for everything. Have patience and faith. Live with the uncertainity.

To me that is a lesson many of us have no choice but to learn.


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