Lessons of the Soul- This too shall pass and we too shall pass

Today, my brother and I were talking about Irrfan Khan and his passing. My brother commented that his soul has perhaps come to understand the true meaning of struggle and the moment his struggle was over, the curtains fell on his act. Then we talked about his star sign- Capricorn. It is said that a Capricornian soul gets everything through hard struggle. At least that is the theory. Books like ‘Many Lives Many Masters’, ‘Conversations with God’ talk about the lessons that a soul learns through many life times. The previous concepts of heaven and hell, evil and good have been replaced in many instances by concepts of lessons.

If you read Jatak Tales, there are many stories of men and women who are on the path to attain Bodhisatva (Buddhahood). These men and women in different lifetimes face different challenges to help their soul grow stronger and realize its inner strenght and power. Many scriptures say that we are the light that we are looking for. Perhaps that was the lesson for Irrfan Khan who went away too soon or at the right time…we will never know.

Do we talk so intellectually about souls just to rest the fears of our mind? The moment the light leaves the eyes, the person becomes a ‘body’. The moment the person becomes a ‘body’ , people start thinking about burying or cremating the ‘body’. Death is such a mystery despite the so called progress of science and spirituality. No one till now has been able to discover that world where all these spirits reside. Is it another planet or is it the space between spaces? The Egyptians and many other civilizations were so fascinated with death and after life that they created pyramids and other such structures to help people pass on to their death and beyond. How effective were these theories, only those souls would know…

Its been said that Irrfan Khan remembered his mother when he breathed his last and saw her. Is it really true or was it the halucination of a dying mind?

What is beyond this world, this seen universe that decides when and where the passing will happen? Or is there something in our body that triggers off a chemical reaction, a kind of a countdown?

Do read this little parable from Neale Walsh’s Conversations with God.


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