What will my neighbor think about me?

Don’t shout, people will hear us!

What will our relatives say?

What will the boss say?

Have these thoughts ever crossed your mind? Do you go that extra mile and take pains for people like your bosses or colleagues and then realize it really did not matter?

Most of our lives, we are bothered about people who probably are  not even aware of our existence let alone think about us. We constantly obsess about things that will not matter in the next one week and we forget about people and things that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Next time, when your mind is trying to distract you with irrelevant problems and matters of people who don’t matter, just take a deep breath. Look at every person you are obsessed about and ask yourself, ‘will this person be there with me in the next couple of years? Suppose I stop thinking about this person or thing, will it help me to accomplish more?

Life is too short to be wasted on trivial people, gossip and thoughts. Let us invest our time on people and more pressing issues (your parents, family, children, health, happiness etc).







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