Of Robot Wives and Robot Husbands

Life has changed with technology…it has perhaps become more convenient, predictable and organized. My computer can take care of many tasks on my command. There are equipments, gadgets that can cook food with a press of a button. Then there are robots…Man-made machines that can be made to resemble human beings and can also work more efficiently than men.

Speaking of robots, the other day I was talking to a friend who was complaining about her husband. She had problems with his schedule, his tardiness, his attitude and everything else. When I talked to the husband, he found his wife too overbearing, rude, aggressive etc and both of them swore that this was not the person they fell in love with.

I was wondering if each of them had married a robot, things probably would have been easier. The wife would have got a husband sans emotions, who would do or say whatever she programmed into him and vice-versa. And you know what? There are some people who have married robots too! For them, they have ‘built’ their wives or husbands!

Technology is all about convenience and predictability. We love things that are predictable and safe. Perhaps now we want people like that too…people who run by our minds and not theirs and people who don’t have any problems at all…

Are we going the right way?


Inside the Life of People Married to Robots




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