Did You Know? The Stress Inside You…….Eventually Kills You

There is so much you want to express- rage, anger, disappointment, hurt of dreams not fulfilled, of jobs not done, of those achievements which never happened. Being nice is not easy. We are told to be nice and in the process we end up with so much of unexpressed angst inside our bodies.

Strange, isn’t it? We cannot say what we want to really say to some one we just have to pretend to like. There are times we do things we don’t like just because we need the power, the money, the position. Slowly and eventually, a snow ball starts building inside our body. A snowball of repressed emotions and unheard feelings. Each time, we don’t express our anger, sadness, hurt or torment, that little snowflake falls on the snowball and it keeps growing. Initially, the body keeps it hidden. But then, as years pass by, the snow ball melts and mixes into the blood stream and flows throughout the body and gets into different organs. The ice starts affecting our heart, stomach and various other organs and diseases happen….all this happens because we were too nice to express ourselves…

Why should that be? If something is stifling you, go scream it out in a quiet place. Write a letter to people who ill treat you and tell them exactly how you feel. Stop wondering about what will happen if you speak your mind because you are meant to live happy and let others be happy. If you dream of achieving something, give it your all, pay the price. You will get it!

Be who you are. You can express your feelings and yet be nice. You can speak your mind and yet be polite. You can build your dream and yet earn a living.

Whatever you do, don’t let that snow ball grow inside you. If it does, it really will not be good for you. Life happens once!


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