Musings- Who is less or more evolved?


Today as I walked through a park , a cool breeze blew. It felt nice in the sweltering heat. The trees were swaying gently and their leaves fluttered.

I looked at the dogs sitting in the park and a thought came into my mind. The birds and animals already know contentment. They know love and giving how’s it that we consider them less evolved than us? Oh! They don’t have ego! Is that why?

Have you ever wondered what do Buddha’s teachings and nature have in common ? Nature is benign. It does not do too much or too little. Mostly it follows a middle path of neither more or less. Humans however are a different case all together. We are adept at overdoing things, being extreme in our thought, behavior and action. Have you ever seen a tiger or an elephant or a jackal over eating? (Forget the man-eating ones because that is also our doing since it is the humans who destroy the habitats of the animals) Have you ever heard of animals beating or killing each other just over a thought, idea or ideology? Except in mating or food (survival), have you heard of animals imprisoning other animals for sheer sadistic pleasure? Have you ever heard of animals over-hoarding food, especially when the weather is nice? As humans we seem to be the more malignant and savage creatures.

Perhaps we have got it all wrong because we as a species are egoistical and deluded maniacs. Perhaps, we are the people who need to evolve. What do you think?


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