Changing Times, Changing Lives

Digital businesses seem to be flourishing, rest don’t know what to do. There are people discovering alternate professions after being laid off. COVID has been a game changer.

In February, I remember thinking that life will just go on like this. I will keep working and things might never change. Little did I know that things would change over night.

My life for the last five years was almost the same, except for an occasional holiday. I was going to the same office everyday and working with almost an untiring dedication. Now, with the changing times, I like many others are trying to find my feet again. Balancing between pet projects, freelance projects and sometimes getting lured by the false security of a full time job.

Being an entrepreneur, your own master is a very lucrative prospect. However, it requires steadfast consistency. It requires solid conviction and self- discipline. It needs high doses of self motivation. Perhaps the time has come to learn these skills. Perhaps it is time for the mankind to evolve. It is a daunting prospect but I am sure we will get there like we’ve always done!

This too we shall learn!

This too shall pass!


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