A Revolution in China?

Let me add a disclaimer here before I even begin this post. I am no political analyst or authority. I am just a common person who like everybody else is reading the news and listening to the endless discussions.

There are two things that I keep wondering about amidst all the hullabaloo about China’s seemingly crazy moves. Now again, I don’t know what is happening in China since it is such a secretive country and doesn’t really share anything of importance with the outside world. The first thing is will the people of China ever think about bringing in a new world order or will they keep working like drones in a factory? Will they ever think of having a life where they and not their government decides their schools, jobs, careers, family etc? As China with its aggression keeps trying to increase its influence in the world, will there be an improvement in the life of its citizens or just a few elites?

But then the second thing that I keep thinking of is that even if the people start thinking about such issues, will they have the strength to challenge the system when they have been seemingly reduced to nothing but slaves of the system with punishing schedules and humongous bills.

China has become a dragon that is threatening to burn the current world order. Perhaps you can compare it to the East India Company’s initial heydays when they tried everything from giving money to creating wars to increase their influence in the world. In that sense, we can say that China has progressed from a country minding its own business to a country which is trying to mind everyone’s business. However, the question that I want to ask is have the people of China progressed? Are they living the life that they dreamt of or are they nothing more than single-use puppets in an indifferent country which is not bothered about its citizens?

What do you think?


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