Spending Time with Failure

I have never been this high-flying, multi-talented person. I was an above average student who was never told to get 90s and 100s in my exams. On the other hand, I had friends who were excellent in academics and sports. They used to be the apple of every one’s eye and the bane of many. On occasions, even I wanted to trade places with them because I thought my parents would be ecstatic if I scored a 90 or a 100. But then, that was just wishful thinking which never materialized.

Today, in my fourth decade of existence, as I look back in life, I realize I have probably gained a broader perspective of life as compared to most toppers and never-failed students. I have faced failure and come out of it. I have seen my dreams being shattered and yet I have not stopped dreaming.

More than that, I have learnt to treasure what I have instead of running races one after the other. Failure to be a cynosure of all eyes was okay as long as I was grateful for being treasured by people I loved. Failure to make the world go ga-ga over my achievements did not matter as long as my heart was quiet and satisfied. Failure in an exam or a course was not greater than the sense of having found a meaningful purpose despite the failure.

In this quest of living life, I have also realized that what we call ‘failure’ should actually be termed as ‘destiny’s nudge’ or ‘course corrector’ or a ‘in-built evaluator’ because that is what should be called. May be there should be a course in failure where people should be made to study how to fail and get up again. May be failure should be a compulsory subject in school where students truly start their journey of life.

Do you agree with me? Please share your views!

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