Who Are We?

Beyond our names, beyond are jobs, beyond our families and friends, who are we really? Do you know? Have you ever thought about it?

Almost every one tries to achieve something in life. One achievement! Bigger the better! Then that achievement becomes an access card for everything else- fame, money, justifications, excuses and coffee conversations. The achievements are often defended with zeal and life carries on.

Have you ever wondered why that is? Why do we base our lives on one achievement or the achievements of our parents (for those who have well-known parents). I have seen singers and actors talk incessantly about the long dead fathers or mothers. Yes, it is good to celebrate their lives and what they stood for but is it not important to live in your own fame and glory.

Achievements are a result of a lot of hard work. But, we are not meant to be harping on one achievement all our lives! Had it been the case, we would have had only one face all our lives.

Look at your photographs! You’ve changed immensely! Every seven years or so our body replaces each and every cell except perhaps the DNA. So, when we change every seven years, why cannot our achievements keep changing? Why can’t we change our approach to life? Why cannot we try new things as we grow? If you are a practicing doctor or a lawyer, are you meant to be a doctor or a lawyer through out your life. No, not saying that you should abandon your profession but aren’t you going to explore your abilities and test the limits of your own being?

Who are we?

Are we the multi-dimensional, constantly changing, evolving beings who can do what they want to just fired by sheer will power or we are a bunch of drones working at one job for the rest of our lives?

Are we people who have powers beyond comprehension just waiting to be explored or are we just a piece of machinery in this vast system just set to play a minuscule role?

Are we people who have the power to change every situation by grit and determination and create our own destiny or are we just victims of circumstances?

Think about it!


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