Why Don’t We Visit Museums Everyday?

Letting go of the old to make place for the new!

My almirah is full of clothes. I have not looked at some of them for a long time now. Some of them don’t even fit anymore. I always keep thinking of giving them to some one but then I decide to keep them lest some miracle occurs and I become as slim or as thin as I was about 10 years back. However, with age I realize that will never happen. I am not in love with these clothes. Nevertheless, I am probably enamored by the idea of being that young and beautiful once again and these clothes represent that possibility.

Off lately, I have realized that if I don’t give get rid of these old clothes, I will never be able to make space for any new clothes. Perhaps, the new clothes will make me look more beautiful than ever before. Probably, I am beautiful as I am but I haven’t realized it because I am hanging on to an image of the past. But maybe I am worried that if I give these old clothes away, I will never be able to find something new and better and if I don’t find anything new or better, then I will have to make do with what I have and I will regret the fact that I could have kept those clothes!


Most of us have this issue with our over stuffed cupboards, houses, relationships, jobs, ideas and a lot more. We cannot let go of the old even when it has stopped serving our purpose. We live with the relics of a long gone past which has already served their purpose. But we forget one thing…


Museums are places that most people visit once or twice in their lifetimes. However, they don’t visit these museums to regret the past but to celebrate it and understand the journey that has brought them to the present.

Just imagine what would happen if nature had a tendency to hold on to the past. We would have had no fresh fruits or flowers. Most importantly, we would have never had the manure that helps the plants to grow. And for the ladies, you would never had diamonds which you treasure so much! The letting go of the past enriches the present with jewels, hope and happiness.

Let go of the old so that you can see the new,

Let go of the jobs and positions which don’t serve you.

Let go of the relationships; what could be and what was,

Let go of that ‘what if’ clause.

Life was beautiful with all the imperfections and the mistakes we make every day,

We were meant to be all unique in our own way.

In Nature’s factory, clones don’t exist, only unique creations do,

You can never be I and I can never be you!

You’ve changed and the world has moved on,

The past is in the past; it is gone.

Reliving the bygone era will not bring it back again.

You will lose the present, there is nothing to gain.

Move forward and embrace new possibilities and the new sunrise,

For the present is your gift say the wise.


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