The other day, I looked up recipes on how to make soft idlis. I wonder why I looked it up. Well, the answer is obvious, I wanted to make soft idlis! However, since that day, I constantly get different articles in my Google feed about how to make soft idlis! I am grateful that I did not tell google that I have moved on from idlis to sandwiches’ otherwise I would have got some dozen on articles on that too. (I wonder if there are any on this topic)

The fact of the matter is that some one is following me and it sometimes spooks me out completely. I look up something on Amazon and then I start seeing that something every where I go on the net. It reminds me of all those obsessive characters in movies.

Our world has changed. We are more digital than ever. While being digital is indeed a leap of technology but it also has its own problems. Though right now all this individualized marketing has no purpose other than generating sales, what if it was used for more sinister purposes in the future. The people who have put this system in place have amassed a huge amount of data of the world and its people. In many sci-fi movies and series, data banks like these are shown to control people. Can this become a reality for us?


You tell me please!


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