Does the Genius Always Pay A Price?

Today, I watched Vidya Balan playing Shakuntala Devi, the mathematical genius. The so called human computer did not have an easy life it seems. Or may not from the ‘normal’ point of view.

She was divorced, she was a single mother and she has relationship issues with her mother and daughter. Yet, she enjoyed the fame and adulation of the world. Shakuntala Devi is not the only example. There are many others who are great or even geniuses in their field of work but have tormented personal lives.
Steven Spielberg, Einstein, Isaac Newton and many more geniuses have had the best of fame and adulation from the world. However, when it comes to relationships, the matter is entirely different.

Women are not far behind. There seems to be a famous curse in Hollywood that whenever an actress wins an Oscar, she will probably face relationship issues in the upcoming year.

What is it with success and relationships? Why is it not possible to have both?

Would you know the answer to this question?

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