Taking Time And Chewing

I wonder what is it about chewing? Why does every one talk about chewing? I was watching some fitness videos the other day, hoping that I would get some shortcut to a slim, thin, lean body.

I watched YouTube videos where the Vidyut Jammwal, the actor and the fitness enthusiast talks about chewing. He says chewing is very important because that is how the food is digested. But I still wonder about chewing!

Whether its about food or thoughts, chewing is so tough! We are so busy and eager to eat more and more, that we don’t chew what we already have. We don’t really eat it or taste it because we like collecting new tidbits to eat!

We are occupied in collecting new relationships but we don’t realize that we have not even chewed or digested the old ones. We keep collecting in an effort to appear modern and classy! Soon, our teeth realize that we no longer need them and slowly they waste away.

We don’t even think twice before we order dentures! But the chewing and non-chewing does not stop!


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