What if Siddhartha Gautama had been a poor man?

Gautam Buddha (Siddhartha)

A prince who yearned to know the reason for suffering. A rich young royal who had everything anyone could ever want, including a wife and a son. Why would he want to give up everything and run away ? Yet, the story of Gautam Buddha has fascinated millions across the world. It has been narrated to children, adults and every in the last few centuries.

All seems fine but there is question I want an answer to. Had Siddhartha not been a prince, had he been born in poverty, would he have been able to transform into Buddha?

A common man does not have time to mull over the sights he sees in his daily life. He thinks about survival. For some, suffering becomes a habit while others lament about it.

So, the question is that if Siddhartha had been a common man, would the very thought of earning his daily bread and butter made him forget or give up his search for meaning of life and suffering?

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