Don’t try to fix me please!

Don’t try to fix me please!

These days, everyone seems to be telling everyone how wrong they are about life and their way of living. You get posts about how we are eating the wrong things, we are thinking the wrong things, we are watching the wrong kind of movies and everything else.

I know people, friends and acquaintances who keep telling me about how I am not raising my daughter the right way or not leading a good life. They want me to listen to every thing that they feel is wrong and correct it. My question is why are people trying to tell us what to do? Why I am being told to live my life a certain way? Well, if you think that your way is better and you know how to live life, then inspire others by living that kind of a life!

I agree we all want that our friends, relatives should live a good life. But then each one lives a life according to their preferences and needs. It is up to them to decide to change their lifestyle (unless they are heavily into drugs or alcohol). Why keep telling them about how wrong they are and how right you are?


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