Dreaming of someone who is long gone

Last night, I dreamt of my late husband. Its almost been a decade since he died. To tell you the truth, we never had a very lovey-dovey relationship too. Infact, most of my married life was spent in trying to understand what was wrong in me because my husband and his family always found something wrong in me.

But, the dream I had last night was very different. I dreamt that he had come back and he had become a very loving husband. He was the most loving father. He was so responsive and attentive to all that I said or did. Some people say dreams express our most unconscious desires. There are some who believe that the souls of those who are gone, reach out to us through these dreams. Yes, I do watch all those romantic dramas and read books where women are loved and respected by men. So, perhaps, my mind made my wish come true in the only way it could- through a dream.


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