An year closer to ….void…

Today is my birthday. People celebrate birthdays in all sorts of ways. But some how to me birthdays mean one year closer to entering the void. I won’t call it death because we as energy never die but yes we enter the void where we lose our sense of self which is just transmuted to pure light.

The void that we ultimately go into is similar to going into deep sleep where we are suspended between the realms of reality. Perhaps birthdays were originally created to remind us of the limited time that we have in our current lifetimes.

What will happen once we close our eyes forever and our life energy or soul enters the void? We will be bathed by light, examined for any lasting energy gaps and depending on the kind of light we are, sent back to another lifetime. We will live that lifetime again with our subconscious thoughts and patterns but new people, circumstances and settings. And the play will carry on.

Except for the jobs we do or the relationships we carry, most of the things of this lifetime are more or less functions of time. Power, money, position, houses, everything comes and goes. Nothing lasts forever. The older one grows, the more you realize that life is about just spreading love quietly and treasuring today.


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