An Open Letter to 2020

Dear 2020,

When I first met you, I thought you were just another year in my life. I remember I was walking on the beach at the Kerala Literature Festival 2020 and thinking about how boring and mundane my life has become..

But things soon changed. The lockdown forced me to stay at home and introspect. I started blogging again. As a single mother, you made me realize that relationships are very important and gave me time to nurture them with attention.

I understood that time was a gift and used it to read more, learn more and do more. I understood the power of not doing anything, the meaning of contemplation and the true creative force of inertia.

To me, my job was my world. I was one person who would dedicate everything to her projects and targets. You made me realize that whatever I may do, despite all the hardwork, the job was just a part of me and not my entire world.

You made me realize the power of technology. I started attending meetings and even teaching people conversational English on my phone. Whether it was about shopping, working, reading or writing, I could do anything with my phone and computer.

You made me realize the importance of home made remedies for cold, cough and many other things. The spices that we take for granted, the herbs we completely ignore became life savers and a shield against the dreaded virus. You helped me to realize that I am my own best friend and spending time alone was not a bad thing. You also taught me to look after my own health.

I learnt that savings are a life saver. Most of us have been able to tide over this time because we saved.

There is so much more I have got to thank you for. But for now, this will suffice. Thank you for making me a wiser, more experienced person. Thank you for all the hardships and lessons!

Yours Gratefully,

Shailaza Singh

#happynewyear #2021 #COVID


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