God is the consultant, karma is the king!

Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

I was browsing LinkedIn when I came across this post which said ‘Most people want God as a consultant rather than a King’. It was quite thought provoking. Actually come to think of it, God is a consultant and Karma is the king.

All Gods, regardless of the religion they belong to have only advised us about the right course of action. Taking the action has always depended on us. When Moses was asked to do certain things or Arjun asked Krishna for advice, they had the option of not listening too. However, they listened not because God was the king but because in their hearts they knew that they were doing the right thing.

Why do people view God as a king? Yes, he is the chief consultant, the one who knows and sees everything. He is the guy who is well aware of all the issues of the past and the future. However, he has always been some one who has advised us rather than forced us to do anything. The power of free will has always been left with man rather than God.

Karma and not God is the king. We create our destiny when we utilize our free will and do something. Our destiny is created by the kind of karma or work we do. The way our life turns out is ultimately about the kind of work we do, the way we treat people and the person we are. So yes, God is the consultant and karma is the king!


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