India will have more entrepreneurs now!

I have always had a job. I have worked in different firms, different people at different points in time. The experience has been amazing and enriching because I developed new skills, got exposed to new ideas, strategies etc. Honestly speaking, though I had always wanted to do something on my own, I would have never been the one to do it had it not been for COVID.

We humans love a sense of owning our ‘own’. Whether it is about a house or a car or a special relationship, we are always driven by the idea of ‘owning’ it. In all those jobs that I have worked, I considered each of those jobs as my ‘own’. But COVID changed the entire idea. As long as the going was good, I owned the job but the moment things changed, the job was no longer my ‘own’. This was an eye opener for me because I could never imagine a day where I did not ‘own’ a job. When I browsed on the internet, there were many people who felt the same way.

Perhaps, this is the reason why many people today have chosen to create their own business rather than work for some one else. In a way, it is a positive development because it will help in creating more jobs in India. More and more people are striking out on their own. Yes, the first few months are going to be challenging but same is the case with a new job. The only thing conforting about a job is that the responsibility of a salary is not yours. You are just responsible for your own job, which makes things easier. However, the lack of responsibility renders you powerless too because you cannot do anything if someone takes away the very job from you.

The flipside of being an entrepreneur is that the entire responsibility is yours. It is your baby and you cannot give it to anyone. Even if you give it to someone, the responsibility will still be yours. But then power is given to those who bear the responsibility… isn’t it?


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