Protect the Fragile

Everything that is fragile,
Needs a hard shell,
Lest it breaks.
There is no guarantee on how much pain it can take.

Sensitivity does not come at a set price,
Just a plain plastic cover will not suffice.
Don’t think about covering it with cotton or wool.
You cannot hide it or disguise it,
Its hardly cool.

A live, pulsating heart,
Has to be protected by a shell so strong and smart,
That it is never hurt beyond repair,
That it does fall into the clutches of pain and despair.
Yes, some heat is required for forging steel,
But you don’t want deep wounds that will never heal.
So, as you set out on your quest to explore,
Be sure that your heart is wearing an armour before you step out of that door.

Its true that love brings pain,
Yet the wise carry an umbrella when it rains.

                                                    – Shailaza Singh


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