Beware! The virus is still on the prowl!

Its tempting! Isn’t it? After months of languishing at home, most of us are yearning to get out there and party! Some of us may be planning to organise get togethers, visit the super market and socialize with friends. Many of us have even got our vaccine shots which may lead us to believe that we are invincible!

Honestly, like anyone would tell you, people have fallen ill and even died after contracting this disease after their vaccine shots. So vaccine is no impenetrable armour as it hasn’t been tested as much because there was no time and people were dying. In a way, its a calculated risk.

So, even if you fall sick and get okay, there is always a danger of you spreading it to your friends or loved ones ; people who may have an underlying condition or compromised immunity.

The point I am trying to make here is that in this second wave we have really lost of lot of people. Now, lets be cautious. Let us not go berserk anymore. Because the virus has not gone. The lockdown has only been lifted to save our economy. The virus is still on the prowl. Let us be vigilant. We don’t want another lockdown or outbreak, do we?


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