Why do we celebrate only the dead? Why not the living?

The thespian Dilip Kumar breathed his last yesterday. Since then it has been a field day for the media. Thank fully after months of reporting on almost every actor’s dress, cough, smile and every bit of trivial nonsense that populates search engines like Google, they had something to write about.

Each newspaper or website now will talk about how Dilip Kumar was this or that. People who had amnesia earlier will talk about how they met Dilip Kumar once upon a time in someplace and earn their own place in the sun for a day or two.

I have nothing againest people talking about the thespian. It is important to record this moment in the history of cinema. However what really doesn’t agree with me is why do we wait for a person’s death to celebrate his work? This happened with Rajeev Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor and other well known people who have passed away.

Dilip Kumar was atleast known in the world and so we were regularly updated about his life. What about those relatively unknown actors who die when they get old? The likes of A.K. Hangal or such actors. Don’t these people deserve adulation when they are alive.

We are talking so much about Dilip saab. With all due respect, the man has lived a full life and died at the ripe old age of 90, a feat few can only dream of achieving. What about those who died young, especially in these last two years? Those who couldn’t even fulfill their dreams? Those who died in the line of duty? Why don’t they get so much adulation and love from the netizens? Why aren’t those people known and celebrated? Why are Corona warriors just honoured with some claps in real life whereas the actor who will play them reel life will probably be awarded a filmfare?

I know people love being slaves to those in lime light. But isn’t it time to change this shallow thinking? We celebrate those who pretend to be matyrs and soldiers on screen but our real heroes die in obscurity. What a paradox!


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