The Illogically Arranged Marriage

The more I think of it, the more I feel arranged marriage is the most illogical form of two people coming together more so in the not so urban or educated segments.

A daughter is born much to the trepidation of the father who starts thinking about her marriage from the very beginning. The mother decides to train her in the household work not because those are life skills but because that is what she will do for the rest of her life in her husband’s house. She won’t be earning money or talking intelligently so her education is given the least importance. If it is free and if she has time, she goes, else not.

Her passion, her desires, her ambition mean nothing to anyone. Finally, she is married off to a stranger. A dowry is given, you can consider it a fee for her life long stay in her husband’s house or a thankyou from the bride’s family so that they dont have to worry about her any longer. Now she is expected to reprogram herself to accept her in laws as parents and her husband as the lord of her life. Unfortunately, there is no way of inducing partial amnesia in her…if there was, the in laws would have loved to use it provided the parents paid for it.

Each time she goes back to her parental home, she is expected to return with gifts and money because the gratefulness is expected gor a lifetime.The husband’s work is done. He has a sex toy and his mother has a maid cum punching bag. His father is happy because he keeps getting free money in cash or kind each time she interacts with her parents. A child is an added bonus. Only if its a boy!


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