Can you really trust a God fearing person?

A lot of people like to refer to themselves as ‘God Fearing’. The world interprets the term ‘God Fearing Person’ as a person who will not do anything wrong knowingly. The people respect a God fearing person because they believe that he would be kind, just and righteous. However, I beg to differ.

Children often grow up being scared of one parent or the other. The parent who has the power to beat them or take away their privileges or money. They follow all the rules because they are scared of this parent. This fear vanishes the moment the parent dies or the children move away. When they realize that their parent can no longer weild this power over them, most children start doing what they want or even go astray.

What if the same thing happens to God fearing people? What if they realize that there is no God who punishes? Will they stop fearing and do what they really wanted? Will they then adhere to the righteous way of life? Should you really trust such people who will change the moment they understand the truth about God? Do share your thoughts..


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