Meeting Glory with Ease, Joy and Focus

Not every one could reach the cave of Goal. The cave was situated in the darkest part of the Forest of Persistance, which was guarded by the charming demons of Temptation. But, the Man knew that the cave of Goal contained his heart’s desire.

So far, all his attempts had been in vain. He had tried numerous methods to reach the cave of Goal but every time he entered the darkest part of the forest, his dog Focus would run after the demons of Temptation. No amount of cajoling could bring him back after that. Without Focus, it was impossible to reach the cave of Goal because Focus had been programmed by Man’s friend Insight to follow the markings on the map.

Man did everything he could to help Focus to stay on the course. He asked Focus’s trainer Discipline for help but no training worked. He taught Focus to resist all biscuits of small happiness. But when Focus met the demon of Temptation, the latter would show him big biscuits of fun and he would happily run after him.

One day, when he was playing with Focus in his garden, a dog named Ease came to visit them. Focus ran to Ease and started playing with him. Man requested Ease’s master to lend him for a day because he saw that with Ease, Focus had no trouble staying on course. Man decided to travel with Ease and Focus to the Cave of Goal. On the way, they met Joy, Ease’s best friend who accompanied them on their journey. As they entered the forest, Man realized that Temptation did not affect Focus because he was busy playing with Joy and Ease. Soon, they reached the cave and the Man could rescue his girlfriend Glory who had lost her way and was now living in the cave of Goal. Soon, Man and Glory got married and lived happily with Focus, Ease, Joy and Glory.


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