To An Extent We Are Okay…

There is a lot going on in the world. Especially in Afghanistan. Men, women and children making a desperate bid to flee from a land which has been conquered by terror again. There are no rights of anyone in that land. Only handful of people with guns wield the power of life and death over millions. They are living in a world where the basic right to survive peacefully is threatened.

Their trials and tribulations cannot be discounted. No one should be in that situation ever. But when I think of it, I remember all those people who keep talking about what is wrong with India as a country. Debates, strikes, issues and what not. I wonder what they feel about the situation in Afganistan. I don’t know about them but to an extent I am grateful that I live in a country which is not at war with itself.

I know there are problems, violence, catastrophes and lots of issues but at least in most parts, our day or night does not end or begin with the sound of gunfire or other weapons and dread in our hearts.

Yes, women face discrimination and many other problems but in most parts they can strive and struggle for a better life without having to fear for their very life. They don’t have to cover their faces in terror in most places nor do they have to give up their dreams.

Being an army kid, I have experienced the dread that fills your heart whenever you hear news of some upheaval in the area where your parent is. Trust me, living in that dread is not easy. Not hearing from your loved ones for days on end is not easy. And it is also not easy to live in an area where sometimes even the closing of a door sounds like a gunshot.

There is a difference between peace and uneasy peace. Uneasy peace does not last long. And peace cannot happen with violence.

So, all I am really saying is that we as the citizens of this country should be grateful for a lot that has been bestowed on us…and living peacefully tops that list.

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