Reel life…love flows…Real life…yearning for love

Salman Khan

If you watch most of his movies, each time you will end up falling in love with the idea of falling in love with a guy like Salman Khan. A guy who is flawed, a nut job but loves with all his heart. A guy with a heart of gold who can fight, dance, sing and do anything for his object of affection.

But then when you look at his real life, you wonder how is it that a guy like him has not found the girl of his dreams? How is it that he who is said to be the ultimate lover boy cannot find the one who truly loves him in real life? Doesn’t it look like the ultimate tragedy that the one who has packaged and sold love for decades has not been able to find his one true love?

In most of these movies which are now thankfully no longer made at the same frequency, the man and the woman yearn to be together with each other and for this they fight the relatives, their parents and the entire universe. But in real life, there seems to be no fight in these people’s lives. They seem to be in a position where they can have anything that they desire.

Today from where I, a commoner or a spectator can see it, Salman Khan has no dearth of girls who would gladly give anything to get married to him. Yet he stands alone..perhaps out of some compulsion or condition or sheer free will because he has probably understood that marriage is not a gateway to happiness for most souls. Probably he has seen marriages crumbling around him and understood that no marriage is made in heaven but the path sometimes ends up at the hell’s door or may be he is so happy in his own fame and adulation and so busy in work that he doesn’t need a mate.

There was a time, when I as a teenager wanted to run away from home and get married to Salman Khan. I was so taken by his on screen persona that I fell in love with him. Thank God I didn’t!

It took me a long time to realize that people who are good at acting are often not what they seem. There are no happily ever after’s and even after being happily married, people can be utterly lonely and that fairy tales or prince charming are just made up stories to calm the mind.


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