When some one betrays you…something dies within..

I have a friend. She did not marry and has stayed with her parents all her life. She took care of her parents, was there with them through thick and thin. She has a brother who is younger to her. That brother has never listened to his parents. He has had all sorts of affairs, broken marriages and problems.

Recently, the parents went to live with the brother and saw that he had taken a huge loan from the current girlfriend. That girlfriend was apparently threatening the brother who was shit scared. The parents decided to solve their son’s problems by selling of their property. The property that they had promised their daughter (the son had already got his share).

When the daughter questioned her father whom she considered more important than all relationships, she was told by that same father that nothing really belonged to her. It was all her brother’s. She was merely the place holder.

When she heard those words, the daughter didn’t know what to do. The only man she had trusted betrayed her. She believed that her parents loved her but now she knew that they loved her brother to the extent that they could betray her. Or maybe that was all her belief . She never noticed their craziness for their son.

Now she doesn’t understand how to carry on with life. The hope, the trust she had is dead. Isn’t dying a better option?

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