Oh Darling! Gift me an Endeavor car!

The rishta was fixed. She was in seventh heaven. After all, she had finally got the boy of her dreams. What could she want? But the boy wanted- an Endeavor. He told her if she really loved him, then this would be her wedding gift to him. He didn’t talk about a return gift.

His mother too wasn’t far behind. She told her mother that since they were the ‘ladki walas’, they had to keep giving more and more. His mother told her mother that she should be prepared as they may ask for a BMW or an expensive flat in a metro city. She also told her mother that the boy would only listen to her so she gets to govern every aspect of their lives…right from where newly weds will go for their honeymoon to how the girl will live in the house. When her mother asked his mother why she wanted such a lot of dowry, the latter replied that she has a daughter to marry off. How else will she give her dowry if she doesn’t take first?

Her mother had heard enough. She told his mother to live happily ever after with her son and her demands. She and her daughter weren’t interested.

Dowry is such a lovely word for the boys and their relatives. Tax free money just for getting married to the girl. How easy can it get? While the other mortals slog their butt to earn lakhs and prove themselves worthy of crores, these enlightened beings just raise a boy and pocket billions. The boy is a commodity, his education is an investment, he is lamb being raised for selling to the highest bidder. It does not matter how intelligent, smart or beautiful the girl is. She is just a complimentary gift. The real gift is the return on the investment with compounded interest. I am glad her mother said no to his mother instead of giving in to her demands and making her daughter the serving bowl of every new demand.

And if all men and their mother’s think this way, what’s the point of girls getting married? They might as well as remain single all their lives. If you can earn your own bread and think on your own two feet, the world is your oyster!

Do you agree or you believe in gifting an Endeavor Car?


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