Who are we kidding?

We claim to have conquered the stars.
We claim that our technological advancement
Knows no bars.
We claim to have discovered cures for every disease.
Who are we kidding?
When will our ego trips cease?
There are still people dying of diseases unknown
Pandemics are raging in the world,
The problems have not lessened,
Instead they have grown.
We lose people to death,
The doctors shrug their shoulders and say I am sorry.
Cancer, heart attacks, all these diseases tell us a different story.
We are still the society we were some centuries ago.
Why people die or why they fall ill?
We had no idea then and even now we don’t know.
Or perhaps these truths are only in the hands of a privileged few
Those who buy these secrets are rolling in money, which is not the case with me or you.
We common folks are told about destiny and how things cannot be changed.
Since eons, we have been told the same story.
Don’t you find that strange?
What is that has changed from yesteryears to this day?
We just have more clothes to wear and better homes to stay.
There are fables, myths, stories and theories about why people die or what death really means,
But despite our advancements, we are no where closer to the truth it seems.
-Shailaza Singh

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