Where is God?

Today, I was reading an interesting story about God.

After God made the world, he made a market place where he would sit and solve all problems of human beings.

After a while he realized that humans are simply ungrateful creatures. They liked taking the credit for everything good in their lives and loved blaming him for whatever was wrong. Each day they would come and crowd around God and blame him for even the slightest problems. They would threaten him, cajole him, plead with him and do all sorts of things to get their way. An old lady threatened him that she would not talk to him if he caused rain the next day because she had to dry her washing the next day.

Finally, God got fed up. He talked to his angels. One of them advised him to shift his office to the moon. The other one advised him to set up his office on the planet Mars. God refused and said that since he can see all the present, past and future, he will have no respite from man who will reach the moon and Mars in no time.

They were all scratching their heads on what to do when an old angel advised God to set up his pad in the man’s heart. He told God that man doesn’t search for him in his heart and those who do will not have any questions anymore.

God did just that. Even today man looks for God everywhere except his own heart. Those who look into their own hearts understand their own true nature and have no complaints or problems anymore.


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