From Form to Formless

Is this why Gods came down to Earth,
To incarnate in a physical plane?
A planet where you can touch the energy
And feel the joy, ecstacy and pain?
Is this why people mourn for dear ones
Despite knowing the immortality of the soul?
Because the physical expression of love makes you feel alive and whole?
When we someone passes away, we don’t lament their passing
But we cry for the loss of expressions in the physical plane.
We lament not hearing the person respond
When we call out his name.
We cry for we will not be able to touch them anymore.
We are sad because we will never see them walk out of that door.
Yet we know, the person is not gone, his essence is still there.
That is why we keep communicating throughout our lives through thoughts and prayers.
And the person too communicates through these channels, thoughts and dreams
Our loved ones never leave us
Even though it may seem.
Ye we must let go, so that they can be with us and yet fulfill their new role
Love is what binds us, a force greater than time…love is the goal
Look beyond the physical form, everything is alive
From form to formless that is what our aim is
Whether it is about our loved ones or about the power supreme
And one day we evolve enough to realize
Not all that we see is the  truth…
The unseen world rules all that is seen.
                                                    -Shailaza Singh

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