The Living God


Do you know there is a living God,

That breathes, lives and walks amongst us?

He walks on tip toes,

He doesn’t say anything yet he knows.
He watches, he sometimes warns.
Of the dangers, of the problems, of the thorns.
But his signals and signs like him are like a silent alarm,
He tells your heart of the pending storm in an unnatural calm
He asks your intuition to walk with him
Every day he tells you to savour the present, to each day open his gift,
For though he walks in his own speed
Yet his judgements are swift.
He asks you to treasure the pleasures that are sent your way
He asks you to not put off anything till tomorrow
Just do what you can today…
He tells you to live and love everyday.
He is time, the omnipresent God above Gods
He has a magical balm that heals wounds, heartbreaks and sorrows and  he cuts the ego with a powerful sword
He comes quickly when it is time to go,
How time flies, we will never know.
So be with him, for those who savour his present,
Spend time with your loved ones,
For when the time comes, you will never know where they went.
Have no regrets about the bygones or the past,
For this present will also not last.
And live a life in all its splendour and glory
So make your choice, be with time and write your own story…
                                                         -Shailaza Singh


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