Someone told my dad I don’t know how to talk
Perhaps they are right.
For I tend to speak my mind.
They like girls who are polite and demure,
Girls who let them take the lead,
Timid and unsure.
Girls who are labelled docile, homely and kind
But I prefer to speak my mind
Being polite and respectful is a virtue,
Respect is mutual; If you respect me I will respect you.
Men often feel it’s their birthright to be heard.
And treat women like their property or like cattle and herd.
Such a thinking is quite common to find
But I prefer to speak my mind.
Those who oppress love finding faults in those who stand up for their rights
They like to berate and admonish those who fight
But those who refuse to bow down are the leaders of mankind
And I love to speak my mind.
-Shailaza Singh

#speakyourtruth  #standingupforyourself


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