My son…my pride

When my son was born, I shouted with glee…

At last I have a son, I am happy as can be…

Though I already have a daughter, I still never felt like a father before

I now feel like a father with my son at my door

I seldom spoke to my daughters, what could I say?

Now that he is here, I will speak to my son every day.

So what if my daughters look at me and wonder what they did wrong.

I won’t bother about them, I will make my son very strong

So what if my daughters silently care for me but never show

But son is a son, thats all I know

He is the bearer of my name, the heir of my forefathers and me

No matter how nice they are , daughters don’t carry the family name you see.

My daughters will go away some day

But my son will stay

He will listen to me, not his wife,

Cause I am his father and my son is my life……

My daughters look after me when I am unwell

But my son is where my heart dwells.

My son doesn’t bother about me, comes back late in the night

My daughters are forever with me in my plight

Yet my son who does not study will be the harbinger of my name

Now that his wife has come, he doesn’t bother about me any more

His wife has told me to leave them alone and showed me the door

My daughters with their selfless love have made me realise the truth of life

Daughters are daughters for life

But a son is a son only till he gets a wife….





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