The Space for The New Hires

I have worked in different roles in different points of my work life.

As a manager or the head of a department, I have often felt that the new hires, no matter whatever their level be – entry level to CEO, should be given an incubation period to understand the company culture and its people before they are released into the mainstream.

By this I mean that the initial 180 days should be kept as a window of observation for both new hires and their reporting managers.

During this time, work should be the priority because every new hire brings with him a degree of newness and the possiblity of innovation for the company.

If the new hire is immediately released into the mainstream of the employees, he or she is bound to get influenced by gossip, office politics and other such problems which are often caused or created by the old employees of the company who do not like to work or lose their job.

Hence, the new hire is unable to innovate and is sucked into mediocrity which does not allow the company to reap the benfits of hiring fresh talent.

Probably, the ideal way to do this is to give each new hire a new project and give them enough leeway to innovate and put in new ideas to develop a sense of trust and belonging between the new hire and his manager.

After 180 days, the hire should be officially introduced to the rest of the staff and allowed to present their project.

This will help them to not only build their credibility amongst the other employees but also give them a sense of ownership and belonging to the company.

This may also foster healthy competition amongst the old and new employees because the latter would then realize that it is impossible to play politics with someone who is already known and recognized for his or abilities and has developed a relationship of trust with the management.

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