The virtues of selfishness

In our culture, great importance is given to family, to sacrificing and to keeping yourself last. People revere those who sacrifice and ultimately those who sacrifice get a raw deal.

Today a friend of mine happened to mention a common friend who is quite a selfish guy. He doesn’t think about anyone and keeps demanding this and that from his parents. Though his parents cribbed and constantly complained about his selfishness, they eventually gave in to every demand. His sister on the other hand was constantly thinking about her parents and him. She cared for them first and thought about herself the last. Ultimately, her parents too didn’t think about her. My friend said that it is true that if we think about ourselves, only then do people think about us. No one thinks about people who don’t think about themselves.


2 thoughts on “The virtues of selfishness

  1. That’s not true. Human beings are very sensitive creatures and they may favour the selfish for time being but they know who deserves better. What you suggest is very urban educated western response.


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