A New Dawn

They worked for years
And one fine day  they were told to leave
All their dreams came crashing down
It was hard for them to believe
The company they had given their life and blood  all these years
Made them face their worst fears
Just because the guys at the top couldn’t take the cut
And to face their employees they didnt have the guts
Today those employees stand at crossroads of a new era
Where their education and experience will become their guide
They are just waiting for the turning of the tide
They will create a new workplace
For all those who have lost their jobs in the same way
Perhaps its a beginning of a new era where India will become the new power
Where innovation , hardwork will make enterprise flower.
Now it will be us who will create opportunities
We will stay at home,
We won’t be the ones wandering  to new lands,
This time the power will be in our hands
And the world will flock to our door
And we will not have brain drain anymore.
                                                      -Shailaza Singh

#innovation #india #experience #education #power #opportunities #layoffs2023


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