Voters and memory loss

Do voters have a short term memory loss,
Whenever it is time for elections?
New schemes, new promises
Perhaps give them this infection.
Or may be their hope is as stubborn as a mule.
They don’t remember the killing inflation
Or the rising prices of fuel.
The politician dons the sheep’s hide
All the promises, he promises to abide
But the moment he comes power again,
This time it is he who plays the amenesia game.
He imposes taxes, duties with a vengeance
For the public it becomes another torturous five year sentence.
Then in the fifth year, he changes colours again,
With promises of prosperity, progress and even rain.
The voters become as gullible as the girl with an abusive boyfriend
Who each morning promises to turn a new page
And in the night becomes a demon and flies into a new rage.
This time dear people don’t make the same mistake,
Vote right,
Remember it is your life and future at stake.
                                                        -Shailaza Singh

#future #elections #taxes #power #people #elections2023 #generalelections2024


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