Why dying is not easy

If the theory of reincarnation is true,
Then we must have lived and died a million times,
Me and you.
Yet we don’t remember dying or what it feels like to die
Have you ever wondered why?
Each night when we drift into a blissful sleep,
We forget ourselves and find a rest deep.
That’s why we love this part of the day,
When we can forget our pains and sorrows
And simply vanish or drift away
Death is akin a blissful long rest,
Where nothing matters anymore.
You forget everything,  when you walk out of the door.
But  when we are born the memory of that bliss is taken away
We forget what going home is like.
Because despite all the trials and troubles,
The fear of the unknown forces us to stay.
No one wants to die
Because they are made to fear death more than life,
It helps them to stay here and face the struggle and strife
Just imagine if people really remembered the nothingness and the bliss
They would all be lining up for the final kiss.
                                                     –Shailaza Singh

#death #dying #reincarnation

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