The Education in School

The school education
Doesn’t  teach you about  your mental health,
Physical excercise, English, Math and History
All is taught.
But no one delves into the mystery
That is you!
What you think, what you feel.
Nothing is explored or revealed.

In a school,
You are not an individual unique,
Making you part of the millions is what they seek.
No one tells you where your calling lies,
You try to gather the grades
But your heart cries
Then based on those grades
Which reveal nothing about the personality inside,
They categorise you and decide
Who you are and what you can do.
But no one asks you.
They put you into preset categories
A very round peg into a very square hole
They don’t care what your heart says
They don’t bother about your soul.
What is the point of an education
That converts humans into cattle or herd?
Or classifies someone as geeky or nerd?
When will we have places that celebrate the uniqueness of humans?
And let them flower and grow the way they are meant to be?
Why do we still have the ‘one size fits all’ for everyone who is born on this planet Earth?
If thats the case, then set up factories for babies,
Why bother giving birth?
                               – Shailaza Singh

#mentalhealth #education #school #schooleducation #onesizefitsall #uniquegifts


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