The Truth of Living Alone

Here is an ode to love and marriage! As I look at people in the world today, I am glad to say that I am happily single! So, I wrote a poem to gloat over my freedom and wonder why people like to fall in life oops love!

There are times I feel alone,

Wishing that I had some one of my own.

I hug myself and watch other people from my window,

To see how togetherness binds,

Instead of romantic stories, my observations have gathered some interesting finds.

Every evening, a live-in couple has to fight,

To decide who is always wrong and who is always right.

Their sweet nothings lasted as long as their struggle to stay together,

When everyone agreed, their faces changed like the weather.

Scowls and grimances replaced the smiles and laughter,

Now fights and disagreements make up their happily ever after.

Another window shows a man washing utensils while his wife shouts at the top of her voice,

The neighbours have gotten used to the ruckus and the endless noise.

No matter what the man does, the woman always complains,

She shouts at him for every thing, even the untimely rains.

I see a woman with a sad face looking out of the window,

Perhaps she is searching for the lost romance and love’s glow.

Her face is lined with care and she keeps turning around to look at the clock,

She has to be at the door at 6 pm before her husband can knock.

She pours him his first drink and knows that he will slap her as soon as he gets high,

She waits for the inevitable as she gazes at the night sky.

Then there is a man next door, who doesn’t know what to do,

Because his new wife filed a dowry case against him after saying I love you!

I look at the faces of men and women who dreamt of being together for ever and aye,

All the vibrancy, hope and laughter gone; their faces have a ghostly grimness today.

I wonder if people who wrote these romance novels were single or embittered married men and women,

Who kept their unrealized fantasies alive by writing them with a pen.

Or perhaps they were looking for revenge and wanted every one to believe in happily ever after,

So that they could enjoy the plight of these hopelessly trapped couples and their unhappy lives could be filled with devilish laughter.

I am happy I did not fall into this romantic trap that has been elaborately laid out for all.

Now I know why no one rises in love; poor unsuspecting fools always fall!


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