Am I dead?

Yesterday, I was talking to an old friend who wanted me to talk to a single guy. She said that I should call him and just talk to him to get to know him. I promised her I would but I could not because I didn’t feel like doing it. My friend called me up in the night and asked me if I had called up the person. I told her that I did not call since I was very busy. My friend got really miffed with me and commented that the horse doesn’t seem to have lost his urge to drink the water referring to an old proverb.

I pondered over her statement for long and I have come to the conclusion that I have indeed lost my thirst to drink the water. Actually, I have lost interest in this entire dating game because somehow I find it pointless. You meet someone, talk to the person for hours on end and then come to the conclusion that it won’t work out.

It is difficult to keep following this methodology while waiting for that elusive spark with someone who probably does not even exist in this world. My friend feels I am acting as if I am dead but I don’t think so. I feel there is no point in creating relationship just for the heck of it, which lacks a spark just because you have to be with someone.

What do you think?

Life is okay alone

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